Call for challenges on artificial intelligence for operational hydrology

Twice per year, the University of Geneva organises the Open Seventeen (O17) Challenges in which six to eight challenges are formulated by experts from UN agencies, International Organisations and NGOs, targeting one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

When challenges are selected, O17 begins a call for projects to solve those challenges. Students and young scientists from all over the world submit their project proposals. Selected candidates receive six weeks of mentoring to implement their projects under the guidance of the expert who defined the challenge. The most promising projects are further supported for their development, including internships and scholarships.

The next topic (early 2020) of the O17 Challenge will be “AI for the SDGs” and the WMO HydroHub has been given the chance to formulate challenges around this topic.

Interested participants may visit the HydroHub webpage for more information and to submit a challenge proposal answering the question: “Is there one particular challenge in operational hydrology that you think should be studied or resolved by means of AI?”