California: The City of San Gabriel has chosen InfoMaster software

Leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, disclosed that the City of San Gabriel, California, United States (U.S.), has selected the InfoMaster software, a leader in the industry, to prioritise the operations and maintenance activities of its sewer collection system.

Certified by the National Association of Sewer service Companies Pipe Assessment Certification Programme (NASSCO PACP), Manhole Assessment and Certification Programme (MACP), and Lateral Assessment and Certification Programme (LACP), InfoMaster is the leading software of choice for utilities faced with the challenge of optimising their sewer infrastructures and getting rid of unwanted overflows.

With an intuitive interface, user-friendly functionality, rich analyticqal, graphing, and reporting capabilities, it can accurately predict both the likelihood and consequence of failure for each individual sewer main in the network, along with the amount and time of occurrence of failures in the future, facilitating a proactive approach and eliminating reactive maintenance, pinpointing and managing high-risk assets to help in the preservation of structural integrity and keeping the network running well into the future.

With a population over 42,000, the City – also affectionately known as the “Birthplace of the Los Angeles Region” – owns, operates, and maintains more than 72 miles (115.8 kilometres) as well as 1,300 manholes. The decision to adopt the InfoMaster asset management software would offer the metropolis with sophisticated modelling analytics for the optimisation of its sewer systems capital planning and renewal.

Around the world, aging water infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating and occasionally failing, with potential consequences that could be dire for humans, the environment, and finances. As wet infrastructure continues to age, the need for effective risk-based asset integrity management steadily becomes more pressing, and maintaining infrastructure assets in fit-for-purpose conditions throughout their target lifespans is one of the main goals for utilities globally.

InfoMaster enables us to develop a reliable and cost-effective strategy for prioritizing operations and maintenance of our sewer collection system,” Management Analyst for San Gabriel Public Works Department, Patty Peña, said. “By accounting for the critical risk and consequence of assert failure, we are able to optimise our capital improvement programme, improve our sewer system operations and maintenance, and enhance the system’s sustainability.”

“Strong asset performance modelling and capital planning capabilities are critical components of a smart enterprise asset management strategy,” Dr Paul F Boulos, CEO of Innovyze, said. “InfoMaster delivers detailed, accurate analyses and comprehensive custom reports that help utility and public works managers make better, more informed decisions on when to repair, replace, or rehabilitate their critical sewer network assets; eliminate potential overflows; and optimise efficiency, maintenance and hydraulic performance. It also supports them in developing reliable long-term funding strategies for such projects. These advantages help utilities endure the ongoing sustainability and resiliency of their infrastructures and their ability to deliver the required level of service at the lowest cost. Innovyze is proud to be a part of the City of San Gabriel’s success.”