Brisbane Airport Corporation selects TaKaDu’s Central Event Management Solution to improve water efficiency

TaKaDu recently announced that Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is deploying TaKaDu’s Central Event Management solution to improve the efficiency of its water network operations and reduce water loss. 

Based on big data analytics, TaKaDu’s automated cloud-based service enables utilities to detect, analyse and manage network events and incidents such as leaks, bursts, faulty assets, operational failures, and more. TaKaDu can also be seamlessly integrated with many other IT systems (asset management, CRM, etc.) and other detection technologies (for example acoustic). 

Krishan Tangri, general manager Assets, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) said, “BAC manages a water network spanning 49 kilometres across Brisbane Airport’s 2700 hectare site, supplying 300+ businesses and more than 23.4 million people every year.

“Having the ability to detect faults or operational failures as soon as possible to prevent service interruptions is critically important, so we’re very pleased to have TaKaDu’s digital technology to help us strengthen our visibility, increase operational efficiency and reduce water losses,” Mr Tangri said.

Amir Peleg, TaKaDu’s Founder & CEO, said, “We’re delighted to add BAC to our portfolio, demonstrating how our core value proposition can apply to many types of network operations. Operating like mini cities, airports are a perfect example of entities that can benefit from our centralized software solution. As a SaaS-based system, our solution can help them get up and running in a very short time.”