Breakthrough technologies announced as finalists for Aquatech Innovation Award 2017

A line-up of 14 innovative technologies, most of them world firsts, has been selected by an expert jury from a record number of entries to this year’s Aquatech Innovation Award to be put forward as contenders for the overall title, the winner of which will be revealed at the opening ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week and the Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition on the 30th of October.

“This year we had 78 entries, the highest number ever,” jury chairman, Professor Cees Buisman, Scientific Director of Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology, commented. “Aquatech Amsterdam itself is growing, and it is fantastic to see the Awards growing with it.”

Entries to the prestigious international water prize were submitted across five categories, and the jury identified nominees from each category to be considered as candidates for the overall prize.

“The jury needed a lot of discussion this year to make the selection as the top 20% of entries were really strong,” Professor Buisman added.

The nominees were chosen from entries representing increasingly diverse technologies.

“The water technology field normally focuses on areas such as biology and chemistry,” Professor Buisman continued. “One entrant used space technology to look for water leakage on Earth – that surprised us in the jury. We saw more entries reflecting the whole trend of big data and computerisation, which is entering the sector slowly but surely.”

He also noted a trend towards reducing chemical use in wastewater treatment in order to achieve more sustainable solutions.

The Aquatech Innovation Award has five categories: Innovation – not yet to market; Process control technology & Process automation; Transport & storage; Waste water treatment; and Water treatment (drinking water, clean water, including point of use). 

The judging criteria are originality (50 per cent), practicality (25 per cent) and sustainability (25 per cent). One winner selected from the nominees will be announced for each category, and one of these category winners will be announced as the overall winner of the Aquatech Innovation Award 2017.

The nominees for the 2017 Aquatech Innovation Award are as follows:

Innovation – not yet to market

  • Bi-directional tidal turbine, Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis
  • Continuous Counterflow Adsorber water treatment, Blücher GmbH
  • Hydraloop residential water system, Hydraloop International B.V.

Process control technology & Process automation

  • Easychem TOX Early Warning water analyser, Systea S.p.A.
  • Sand-Cycle sand filter monitor, Brightwork B.V.
  • Satellite remote sensing leak detection, Utilis

Transport & storage

  • Flygt Concertor intelligent wastewater pumping, Xylem Water Solutions Nederland B.V.
  • Picoturbine water network energy recovery, Technoturbines S.L.

Waste water treatment

  • Cellvation cellulose recovery, CirTec B.V.
  • Genius total manure solution, Nijhuis Industries
  • Curly membrane Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor, OxyMem

Water treatment (drinking water, clean water, including point of use)

  • Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis treatment technology, Lenntech B.V.
  • IroxFlotation dissolved iron removal, SansOx Ltd
  • Sheaf Filter chemical-free thread filtration, Maagan Filtration