BPMA delivers pump training in Baku

Rapid Solutions, the global provider of electrical, instrumentation, hydraulic and mechanical engineering services has hired British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) pump training for staff working on a project in Baku, Azerbaijan.

With local engineers already booked on to the maintenance project, flying them to the UK was not an option, and the e-learning offering did not provide the required content. Hence a bespoke training course was created and delivered by a BPMA lecturer in Baku.

Rapid Solutions, Baku

Specific to the eventual work being carried out, the configured course drew on elements contained in the BPMA’s Pump Fundamentals, Testing and Systems, and Pump Repair courses, whilst also covering the presence and implications of viscosity on the behaviour and performance of rotodynamic machines, along with any system pipe losses.

The training included modules that covered the classification and specification of machines for API 610 and 685.

Details of the design changes that are expected in API compared to standard industrial and utility pumps were addressed, outlining where the design is more robust, whilst being able to maintain dimensional standards.

Additionally, the importance and impact of critical machine clearances, how to maintain the clearances and the opportunities with new non-metallic materials to reduce the clearances and recover the efficiency and performance of the machines were also included.

The course was designed and formatted in two weeks to accommodate the client’s requirement of commencing site work by 1 May 2023, with an added level of complexity caused by the staging of the Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix over the weekend of 28-30 Apr 2023 in Baku.

Commenting on the quick turnaround and delivery of this dedicated training, course leader Alex Yates said, “Despite the challenges faced in preparing the course and the logistics of delivering it overseas in such a short time, the training was a resounding success, and I forward to the next one.”