Borouge brings cutting-edge pipe infrastructure solutions to Asia Water 2016

Borouge, a leading provider of sustainable, innovative and value creating plastics solutions, presents its latest pipe infrastructure solutions at Asia Water 2016 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Hall 2 Booth H205, from 6 – 8 April.

Exceeding high standards
Developed to exceed the highest quality standards, the BorSafe™ range of PE materials for pressure pipe systems is synonymous with strength and security. With its superior performance qualities, BorSafe™ HE3492-LS-H orange PE100 possesses a high stress-crack resistance factor against both rapid-crack propagation and slow-crack growth. Together with a 50-year proven track record and adherence to stringent industry safety standards, these properties make the material ideal for the production of gas pipes and fittings for complex “no-dig” installation techniques under the most challenging conditions – rendering it a safe and trusted choice of installers and end users.

Solutions for modern living
RA140E is a unique, new generation nucleated PP-R material for hot and cold water applications. Pipes and fittings made from Borstar® RA140E are lightweight, easy to process and weldable. They are also completely taste- and odour-free and are easily installed with minimal anchorage points, making them leak-free and safe for comfortable living in complex urban developments.

Enabling long-term sustainability
Renowned for its tough, flexible and leak resistant properties, the BorECO™ range of modern PP materials is well suited for gravity sewage and drainage systems. Easy to process on solid, structured wall and injection moulding machines, the materials demonstrate an optimal balance between stiffness and impact resistance, and can withstand elevated temperatures, aggressive chemicals and abrasion. Not only do these benefits ensure a long and trouble-free service life for producers, they also translate into sustainable wastewater management, material cost reduction and energy savings throughout the production cycle.

“As a leading provider of innovative plastic pipe infrastructure solutions, Borouge is committed to the continued growth and development of the industry in Southeast Asia. Asia Water 2016 will provide us with key opportunities to engage our customers and partners in the region and introduce them to our range of advanced and sustainable solutions tailored to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the pipe market,” said Robin Bresser, Vice-President Marketing Centre Pipe.