bNovate Technologies and MattenPlant sign distribution agreement to enhance water safety across Asia

From left: Dr Reinhard Huebner, CEO, SKion Water; Victor Lim, CEO, MattenPlant; Serge Gander, CEO, bNovate Technologies; and Dr Helge Daebel, partner, Emerald Technology Ventures

In a move set to revolutionise water safety across Asia, Switzerland’s bNovate Technologies which provides rapid monitoring and analysis of water sealed its first partnership in Asia, appointing Singapore’s MattenPlant as its official Asian distributor.

This collaboration was cemented during the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2024. The CEOs of both bNovate and MattenPlant signed an agreement to bring automated solutions for industrial microbiology to new markets, especially in the F&B sectors in the Philippines and Vietnam.

The partnership with MattenPlant will introduce advanced Swiss water monitoring technologies that provide real-time, precise data, enabling proactive management and remediation. bNovate CEO Serge Gander added that MattenPlant’s expertise in integrating water technologies and presence in Asia align with its global ambition of making water safer with automated and digital monitoring solutions.

By leveraging bNovate’s solutions, communities and industries across Asia can achieve safer, cleaner water, enhancing public health and supporting sustainable development. This collaboration represents a step in transforming regional water safety standards as many regions in Asia face contamination from industrial and agricultural activities, rapid urbanisation and inadequate water infrastructure.

Using flow cytometry technology, bNovate’s BactoSense instrument measures cell concentrations in 20mins, addressing abnormalities and deviations from baseline microbial profiles. This technology reportedly ensures swift, accurate, waterborne microbe detection, safeguarding public health and industry standards.

MattenPlant CEO Victor Lim said, “We will leverage our local presence to provide training, service and pilot testing. This is to enhance customer’s engagement and experience of BactoSense.”