Black & Veatch joins Hydrogen Council

Reflecting its ongoing commitment to global decarbonisation and further advancing efforts to create a more balanced energy portfolio, Black & Veatch announces that it has joined the Hydrogen Council, “a global initiative of leading energy, transport and industry companies with a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the energy transition.”

Hydrogen applications are emerging as a low-carbon breakthrough that will transform the power generation market amidst the rapidly changing energy landscape. As a leader in innovative infrastructure solutions, Black & Veatch is actively involved in developing, designing and constructing hydrogen solutions – from delivering green hydrogen for power generation, storage and advanced transportation solutions, to processing blue hydrogen with carbon capture technology.

The global engineering leader’s experience complements the mission of the Hydrogen Council. Led by a growing coalition of CEOs, the Council encourages key stakeholders to acknowledge the contribution and potential role of hydrogen in the future energy mix, and to accelerate investment in the development and commercialisation of the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors. 

“The global hydrogen market is rapidly ascending to its place on the world stage as a clean, sustainable solution that will reduce and replace global reliance on fossil fuels for energy, transport, storage and more,” said Steve Edwards, chief executive officer of Black & Veatch. “Joining the Hydrogen Council is a great honor and a clear reflection of Black & Veatch’s ongoing commitment to accelerating the global shift away from carbon emissions and towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy portfolio that will truly enable the world’s zero-carbon future.”

The Hydrogen Council launched in 2017 at the World Economic Forum in Davos with 13 founding companies. It has since grown to more than 100members in just three years, reflecting a wide range of interest across geographies and sectors. Black & Veatch joins industry titans such as Air Liquide, BMW, BP, Chevron, Daimler, EDF, Engie, Marubeni, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Siemens, Shell, Sumitomo Corporation, Total and Toyota in the shared mission of advocating for large-scale hydrogen solutions across sectors.

Edwards will be the company’s representative on the Hydrogen Council, with Executive Vice President Jim Doull serving as the executive sponsor for Black & Veatch’s day-to-day involvement.

“As the world accelerates greener and decarbonised energy solutions, Black & Veatch sees hydrogen as a critical element that will help drive the global energy transformation,” Doullsaid. “Our commitment to using technology and innovation to advance sustainability around the globe clearly aligns with the Hydrogen Council’s mission. Together, we will embrace clean energy innovation as we work towards our shared goal of advancing the large-scale commercialisation of hydrogen.”