Black & Veatch appointed one of the independent inspectors of Hong Kong’s reservoirs

The Water Supplies Department (WSD) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has appointed Black & Veatch as one of the independent inspectors of Hong Kong’s reservoirs.

Hong Kong’s 7.3 million residents rely on the WSD for safe, reliable drinking water. Black & Veatch will be responsible for assessing the condition of the reservoirs at the heart of the WSD’s operations.

“Hong Kong has no natural lakes, rivers or major groundwater resources, making effective management of the region’s reservoirs paramount,” said Andy Kwok, Managing Director, Black & Veatch Hong Kong. “We know these assets well, having helped engineer the impounding reservoirs during the 1930s. It is gratifying to continue our role in their safe operation.”

Black & Veatch will be conducting the formal independent inspection of 63 service reservoirs and six impounding reservoirs. Choosing Black & Veatch provides continuity in the management of this critical infrastructure; the company has had a role in safety reviews for the WSD’s small and large service reservoirs or impounding reservoirs since 2000.

The work will include quantitative landslip risk assessment (QRA) of slopes surrounding the service reservoirs, which will be conducted in parallel with the reservoir inspections. Black & Veatch inspectors, including those from the United Kingdom (U.K.) All Reservoirs Panel, will undertake the work in conjunction with professionals from the company’s Hong Kong office.

Since the first Hong Kong dam project more than 85 years ago, Black & Veatch has helped engineer the Special Administrative Region’s impounding reservoirs. More recently the company has helped the WSD explore the assets’ renewable energy potential, through a feasibility study to explore the installation of floating solar panels. Like the dam inspection work, the floating solar panel project was a successful collaboration between Black & Veatch’s Hong Kong and UK experts.