BioLargo unveils commercial design for Advanced Oxidation System for treating polluted water

BioLargo Inc is manufacturing a scaled-up commercial prototype of its proprietary water treatment system. 

The company’s Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) is capable of processing 500 gallons of water per minute (GPM), a standard flow rate requirement of commercial applications. 

The design utilises the Spiral AOS geometry in order to achieve greater flow rate capacity without sacrificing size, the company said, and the commercial model is expected to be the most energy-efficient version to date. The system is modular and scalable by increasing or decreasing the number of AOS spiral reactors.

“Producing a 500 GPM AOS system is the next requisite step in the commercialisation of the AOS technology,” BioLargo Engineering President Randall Moore said in a statement. “Moving to this larger scale immediately changes the AOS from a research-focused prototype into a viable, commercial water disinfection option for multiple industries.”

This technology could be scaled to even greater GPM in order to tackle other industrial water treatment applications, the company said.

“As a modular system, much higher flow rates than 500 GPM are possible,” Moore said. “A ten by ten array of 500 GPM AOS units could effectively disinfect 50,000 GPM, needed for large scale applications such as municipal water treatment plants. This important scale-up step brings with it a world of opportunity.”

BioLargo’s technology eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic organisms, and can reduce pharmaceuticals and antibiotics more effectively than the standard systems used to treat wastewater.

AOS also requires less power and is more affordable than other processes including chlorination, ozonation and UV radiation.

“This is a momentous day for BioLargo Water and the AOS technology as it puts behind us the question of whether we can scale the AOS technology to meet the high volume needs of the very large water treatment market,” CEO Dennis Calvert said. “It also highlights the collaborative design and manufacturing effort between BioLargo Water and our engineering team at [Biolargo Engineering, Science & Technologies].”

BioLargo has initiated a regulated crowdfunding operation through its subsidiary BioLargo Water Investment Group Inc (BWIG) to secure the necessary funding to launch its patented water treatment technology into the $246 million poultry processing market.