BioLargo scales up commercial prototype for AOS water treatment technology

BioLargo, a developer of environmental engineering company, has begun manufacturing a scaled up commercial prototype of its Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) that can process 500 gallons of water per minute (GPM).

The new design uses the Spiral AOS geometry to get greater flowrate capacity without reducing size.

This new design is modular and easily scalable by increasing or decreasing the number of AOS spiral reactors. Each of the reactors is capable of 125 GPM.

The 500 GPM AOS unit can be used in many commercial settings, including poultry processing and the stormwater treatment and water reuse market in addition to secondary markets including stormwater, food & beverage, industrial and oil & gas, agriculture, and municipal.

BioLargo Water president Dr. Richard Smith said, “BioLargo’s engineering team has made it possible to accelerate the transformation of the AOS from a small, bench-scale unit to a pilot unit, and now to a commercially viable large-scale water treatment system. We are fortunate to have access to those experienced engineers.”

BioLargo Engineering president Randall Moore said, “Producing a 500 GPM AOS system is the next requisite step in the commercialisation of the AOS technology. Moving to this larger scale (approximately one cubic foot per second) immediately changes the AOS from a research-focused prototype into a viable, commercial water disinfection option for multiple industries.

“As a modular system, much higher flow rates than 500 GPM are possible. A ten by ten array of 500 GPM AOS units could effectively disinfect 50,000 GPM, needed for large scale applications such as municipal water treatment plants. This important scale-up step brings with it a world of opportunity.” Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Currently, the firm has a crowdfunding opportunity open on the WaterWorks Crowdfunding platform through its parent firm BioLargo Water Investment Group.