BioGill selected as a Top 100 Environmental Technology in China

Following a rigorous selection process, BioGill has been announced as a Top 100 Environmental Technology in the Chinese Government’s 3iPET program to address air, soil and water pollution in China.

BioGill bioreactor, developed and designed in Australia

“Being included in this list of who’s who in environmental technologies is a significant endorsement for our water treatment technology,” stated Mikael Krogh, Managing Director, BioGill Asia. The 3iPET program was launched by the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO), with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China, to take advantage of the best environmental technologies from around the world, to tackle the challenges of pollution. Last year, local and global companies were invited to submit technologies for review by an expert panel. The panel, comprising both Chinese and foreign experts and academics, evaluated technologies against criteria such as innovation, performance effectiveness, cost, power usage and eco-friendliness.

“China has experienced a rapid transformation with population growth, urbanisation and industrial expansion all contributing to the country’s impressive economic growth, but this has stressed the country’s water resources,” said Mr Krogh.

“The 3iPET program represents a significant step in improving water quality and our low cost, eco-friendly technology is ideally placed to play a role in this massive initiative,” he added. Two BioGill distribution partners are already in place in China. The first is Shanghai Youbo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, a company with more than two decades of experience in environmental and energy saving technologies, focusing on the east and northwest China area. The second distributor is Tianjin Teli Environment Technology Co. Ltd, a highly regarded engineering design company with successful water treatment projects across the country. The focus areas for this Distributor are China’s core district, namely Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

BioGill manufactures above ground, attached growth bioreactors that bring together the power of science and nature to help treat environmentally damaging wastewater streams. The bioreactors provide the perfect air-liquid conditions for microorganisms to grow and thrive, effectively turbo-charging nutrient removal from water.

BioGill bioreactors are operating in more than seventeen countries, treating a variety of wastewater from sewage treatment for island resorts through to large scale water commercial projects for multinational food and beverage processors. The technology has also received numerous awards and accreditations from both the private sector and government authorities.

Developed by the Australian Government, BioGill is the only Australian technology chosen for the 3iPET program.