BioGill appoints first distributor in Taiwan

BioGill Asia has announced that Crossbond Corporation is the first BioGill Distributor appointed in Taiwan. With more than 20 years’ experience in the water industry, Crossbond is now providing the BioGill technology to improve pond water and to treat a variety of wastewaters from food & beverage processing, sewage and grease traps.

“Taiwan offers high potential markets for BioGill applications – petroleum, biochemical and bioscience plants, soft beverage and residential areas,” stated Mr Jac Hsu, President at Crossbond. “We are very excited to be BioGill’s distributor in this country and expect to grow together in the future”, he added.

Crossbond was established in March 1980. Since then the company has introduced new membrane technologies and equipment from around the world to the Taiwanese market, focusing on water purification, wastewater reuse and recovery. Working with important industry partners such as the Taiwan Hospital, Taiwan Chinese Petroleum Corporation and Taiwan Sugar Company, Crossbond has an impressive track record in providing water solutions for a wide range of industries. The first shipment of BioGill units, bound for wastewater treatment projects in the food & beverage industry, has already been received by Crossbond.

Developed by Australian government researchers and scientists, BioGill bioreactors are now operating in seventeen countries across three continents, treating a variety of wastewater from sewage for remote communities through to large scale industrial water treatment for multinational companies.

The BioGill attached growth technology removes substantial nutrients from wastewater streams, delivering high level reductions in BOD, COD, ammonia and total nitrogen. The technology has received numerous awards and accreditations from both government authorities and the private sector.

“We are delighted to be working with Crossbond as our distributor. Their extensive technical experience and market knowledge are valuable assets and we are excited to enter the Taiwanese market with them on board,” stated Mikael Krogh, Managing Director of BioGill Asia.