BIO-UV group and Pinnacle partner up on ozone water treatment

Specialist in chemical-free water treatment disinfection technologies BIO-UV group has partnered with US-headquartered Pinnacle Ozone Solutions to leverage the company’s QUADBLOCK ozone water treatment products in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Pinnacle’s advanced ozone technology will increase BIO-UV group’s ozone product capacity to more than 30kg/hr, which will open a larger market opportunity worldwide. “The Pinnacle portfolio complements our range of water treatment solutions,” said BIO-UV group’s deputy general manager and head of group sales, Simon Marshall. “The combined product range covers the complete spectrum of water and wastewater treatment requirements across a greater range of industries, including aquaculture, municipal, industrial, and leisure.”

BIO-UV Group will increase production capacity at its triogen plant in the UK, to deliver Pinnacle products to Europe, Middle East, and APAC markets from April 2024 (Image: BIO-UV group)

France-based BIO-UV group, through its network of eight regional export sales managers and team in France, will market, manufacture under license, and supply Pinnacle’s QUADBLOCK advanced ozone technology across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. The partnership will also provide system training, installation, and maintenance services as part of its expanding ‘Customer First’ aftermarket business programme.

CEO Laurent Emmanuel Migeon said, “In partnership we can leverage the North American market with only a very limited investment.” BIO-UV Group’s Triogen ozone range is currently geared toward the smaller end of the market, with ozone outputs up to 2kg/hr. The QUADBLOCK range will increase this capacity and enable the company to address much larger projects.