Big energy and efficiency savings ahead in Brazil as UK’s Riventa teams up with Toraqua Technologies

Riventa, who provide energy-saving expertise by optimising water and wastewater equipment such as pumps and blowers, have created an important new strategic partnership in South America with Toraqua Technologies in Brazil.

Based in Americana, in the state of São Paulo, Toraqua Technologies provide tailored solutions to its growing customer base in the water, sewage and industrial sectors.

André Vizioli Gomes, General Manager of Toraqua Technologies, commented, “We are confident that with its undoubted capability in testing and monitoring of pumps and blowers, as well as network optimisation, Riventa’s products and knowledge will be of significant interest here.”

Steve Barrett, Managing Director at Riventa, added, “There is big potential in Brazil and throughout South America for our services. Toraqua Technologies are very good at introducing new equipment to their markets and are much more than just a product reseller”.

Using its portable FREEFLOW thermodynamic pump testing system, Riventa have previously identified potential savings of  $113,000 at a water pumping station in Brazil, where extensive measurement was carried out on three 515kW (700HP) water distribution pumps.  

During Riventa’s investigations, findings included, for example, that the pumps were operating with greatly reduced impeller diameters, so lowering the available Best Efficiency Point (BEP) to 75%. Riventa’s FREEFLOW also determined real-time pump efficiency to show that that major energy savings existed.

The new Anglo-Brazilian agreement between Riventa and Toraqua Technologies follows the recent wining by Riventa of a contract with Thames Water to test the performance of 90 aeration system blowers across ten of its sewage treatment works (STW), including Beckton, the largest treatment works in Europe.