Bentley Systems opens nominations for 2021 Going Digital Awards

Recognising over 4000 infrastructure projects around the world, the Going Digital Awards programme is open to all Bentley software users. An essential part of Bentley’s annual conference, the nomination aims to target industry users across a wide range of categories, from bridges, power generation, operations management down to construction and public utilities. With a global outreach of 172 countries and revenue generation of up to $USD800 million, judges will consider individual projects on the basis of their digital innovations. The deadline for nominations is May 21 when three finalists will be chosen.

Under the Going Digital Awards program, participants can expect to:

  1. Gain global recognition by having their infrastructure projects profiled in Bentley’s Yearbook and a feature on their website
  2. Enhance their competitive edge by adding value to their projects through digital innovation
  3. Receive marketing and press coverage through promotion to respective media outlets

Worthy of special mention is the Founders’ Award. Formerly known as the Special Recognition Award, this aims to emphasize issues with the quality of project data, while the second category showcases improvements in compliance, safety and maintenance to support remote operations or training operational staff. The third and final category is the Sustainability and Resilience Category. As its name suggests, projects that have a low carbon footprint belong in this remarkable category.