Bentley Systems announces retirement of founder Keith Bentley and promotion of Julien Moutte to CTO

As of April 2023, founder Keith Bentley will step down as CTO to assume the role of technology advisor through his anticipated retirement later in the year, and will continue thereafter his service on Bentley Systems’ board of directors. His successor as CTO will be Julien Moutte, currently vice-president of technology and David Hollister, currently CIO, will retire as of 31 Mar 2023. He was succeeded as CFO by Werner Andre at the beginning of 2022.

Keith Bentley, founder and CTO, Bentley Systems

CEO Greg Bentley said, “Bentley Systems was founded in 1984 to commercialise Keith Bentley’s software for infrastructure engineering, and his contributions have culminated in our market-leading iTwin Platform for infrastructure digital twins. Bentley has been working closely with Moutte over the past two years. Together they are committed to assuring that iTwin benefits will extend to our application and cloud services users.”

Soon-to-be CTO Moutte joined Bentley Systems as vice-president of technology in January 2021 from German software company SAP, where he was head of technology for SAP marketing cloud.

Julien Moutte, vice-president of technology, Bentley Systems

Moutte’s technical experience ranges from cloud operations and high availability platforms to multimedia and mobile. He is an IT entrepreneur and investor. During the past 15 years, he has launched more than 10 companies in Europe and the US. Based in Barcelona, Moutte is fluent in Spanish, English, and French, and in 1998, graduated in computer science at Université Claude Bernard in Lyon, France. Julien worked in start-up ventures, and at SAP, with Bentley Systems’ COO Nicholas Cumins, to whom he reports.

Moutte said, “Working with a CTO like Bentley is a privilege. Our iTwin Platform is positioned to help our users advance infrastructure for a world in dire need. As Bentley Systems’ CTO I look forward to furthering his life’s work.”

David Hollister, CIO, Bentley Systems

Hollister served as Bentley Systems’ CFO from 2007-2022. Bentley said, “David Hollister has stewarded our financial, portfolio development, and investment activities, and our IPO in 2020 would not have been possible without his drive. David had nurtured CFO successor, Werner Andre, who has performed over the past year. I thank and congratulate him upon his retirement.”

Bentley and Hollister will participate in Bentley Systems’ quarterly operating results presentation on 28 Feb 2023.  

Images: Bentley Systems