Baswood Partners with NSI to Deliver Innovative, Cost-Saving Wastewater Solutions for Publicly Owned Treatment Works

Baswood Corporation has partnered with National Strategies, LLC (NSI), a nationally-recognized business-to-government consulting firm, to increase awareness of Baswood’s innovative, cost-saving wastewater solutions for municipalities and publicly owned treatment works across the U.S.

Baswood’s patented BioVore™ system utilizes proven wastewater technologies to provide a unique combination of lower sludge output with significant energy reduction. The BioVore™ can be added to existing systems to deliver dramatic 80%+ reduction in sludge and associated handling costs while requiring up to 60% less energy—potentially saving millions of dollars in annual operating costs with no upfront capital. Baswood’s enclosed tank systems also require a smaller physical footprint than traditional systems, have little to no odor, and are modular and expandable to fit a growing community’s needs.

Mike Walker, CEO of Baswood, said, “We are proud to partner with the industry experts and strategists at NSI to help us spread the word about the tremendous opportunities that Baswood can provide for public water utilities. NSI quickly recognized that Baswood’s disruptive technology alleviates the sludge handling challenges most municipalities face—and does so without capital expenditure.”

NSI is the nation’s leading government affairs consulting firm, providing companies with strategy, insight and execution to successfully navigate complex processes of state and local governments. In its 20 year history, NSI has secured over $17.5 billion in business for its clients.

Al Gordon, CEO of NSI, stated, “Our company has a long history of working in the water infrastructure marketplace, and we are extremely excited about Baswood’s innovative approach to sludge reduction and wastewater treatment. We believe this technology will be a true game changer and have already received very positive feedback from local governments across the country.”