AV Water Technologies becomes Orbis’s new distributor

Smart monitoring company Orbis Intelligent Systems has announced technology distributor AV Water Technologies (AVWT) as its new partner in the US. The company will be supplying the Orbis SmartCap in southern and central US, covering Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Orbis Intelligent Systems creates real-time data on pipeline infrastructure, providing insights into how to optimise water networks for efficiency

The SmartCap is an intelligent fire hydrant and pipe monitoring device that enables remote leak detection by providing real-time data from a multi-sensor. In early 2022, the device helped a south-eastern water utility find a leak that had been running for 15 months. The SmartCap pinpointed the leak within three days of deployment, bringing significant water and cost savings.

AV Water Technologies president, Ross Thomson, said: “The partnership will help water providers across the southern and central US quickly pinpoint leaks on their networks, reducing non-revenue water (NRW) loss and saving precious supplies.”

Orbis senior vice-president of sales, Lou Rossetti, added: “The wider distribution our SmartCap will create great value for both businesses and support municipalities in their critical role of delivering safe and reliable water services.”