Australia: Tweed Shire Council upgrades to Innovyze’s GIS-based infrastructure modelling technology

Leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, Innovyze, disclosed that Tweed Shire Council (TSC) in Australia has selected InfoWater SA and InfoSWMM SA Executive Suites software to replace its extant modelling solution. The software will be able to better leverage on TSC’s corporate geographic information system (GIS) in the development of an extensive and comprehensive geospatial solution for managing distribution of drinking water and wastewater collection systems.

TSC, the largest local government area on the north coast of New South Wales, currently provides over 81,000 people within a 1,309 sqkm area with water and wastewater services. More than 716 kilometres of water main deliver water to customers, while a further 706 kilometres of sewer main gather wastewater. InfoWater SA and InfoSWMM SA will be used to review and plan for water and wastewater services to both extant and new areas, as well as pinpoint and select the most cost-effective infrastructure servicing strategies.

“We’ve been using Innovyze technology for the last ten years and were always extremely pleased with both product quality and technical support,” TSC Senior Engineer – Water and Wastewater Planning and Assets, Peter Pennycuick, said. “InfoWater SA and InfoSWMM SA suites’ powerful imbedded GIS capabilities and intuitive interface will further simplify the modelling and simulation process for us, particularly access to the GIS Gateway facility which overcomes some data import issues from our GIS viewer. I was impressed with the efficiency of the ‘one click’ conversion of out H₂OMAP models including the conversion of pumps from links to points, which will be more compatible with our GIS data. The help and guidance received from Innovyze staff ensured that we got the smoothest possible transition to the new platform, to let us get on quickly with the task to better optimise the performance, sustainability and resiliency of our water and wastewater networks.”

The InfoWater SA and InfoSWMM SA product family successfully integrating the most advanced engineering-GIS capabilities and functionality with the world of water network simulation – a world based on physics – and is able to offer a complete standalone infrastructure that tackles all network modelling applications.

InfoWater SA is equipped with everything water utility owner-operators need to best design, operate, plan, secure, and sustain their water distribution systems. The software is also able to serve as a base platform for advanced real-time modelling and forecasting, two-dimensional water spill modelling, unidirectional flushing, multi-species water quality modelling, surge and transient analysis, as well as real-time water demand and diurnal pattern estimations.

The full-featured InfoSWMM SA analysis and design programme is a complete standalone GIS-based urban drainage modelling and management system, capable of delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. All operations of a typical sewer system – from analysis and design to management functions like water quality assessment, urban flooding, and sediment transport and deposition, among many more – are all addressed in a single, fully integrated geo-engineering environment.

InfoSWMM SA, equipped with a powerful hydraulic and water quality computational engine based on the latest USEPA SWMM 5, and certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The software is also a strong base platform for advanced two-dimensional surface flood modelling, real-time operational modelling, and urban stormwater treatment and analysis.

“The InfoWater SA and InfoSWMM SA product portfolio represents the most significant leap forward ever made in standalone GIS-based network modelling,” CEO of Innovyze, Paul F Boulos, said. “It enables users to get up to speed right away, be effective across the enterprise, and achieve high quality results and maximum savings in record time. This gives them a competitive advantage that can’t be beat. The fact that progressive councils like Tweed Shire continue to choose Innovyze as their solution partner confirms that superiority of our products. We’re very proud to know that our software applications are in place at many of the world’s best-run utility companies of every size, helping them meet their corporate and strategic goals and achieve world-class performance at breakthrough savings.”