Aussie wastewater treatment solutions company hits certification milestone

Australian wastewater treatment company Aerofloat Australia has met International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards for its integrated management systems.

Aerofloat provides a wide range of services, including design, engineering, consulting, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and aftercare for wastewater and water treatment systems.

The company undertook the rigorous certification process and was successfully certified by the JAS-ANZ accredited group, CPG, in three key areas: environmental, quality and occupational health and safety.

“Aerofloat is an end-to-end business and we have proven that we take quality, safety and the environment seriously every step of the way,” General Manager Business Operations Katie Moor said.

“We do all our work in-house, from designing to manufacturing and installation. It also extends to our after-care products and services.

“Historically, we have always placed a strong focus on safety, quality and the environment across all activities of the business. Receiving certification meant having these processes and systems affirmed and further documented.”

Moor said the certification process was very thorough, involving different stages of auditing and review. 

“The standards stipulate what needs to be covered in order to be successfully certified. A  company must achieve a number of overarching elements, such as excellent documentation controls, incident management controls and internal audit processes. It also needs to have clear procedures and documentation for its specific business processes,” she said.

“We worked together to ensure that all of our processes were well documented and that we were conforming across all areas.”

Moor said embarking on the certification was a result of Aerofloat’s expansion into larger and more complicated projects.

“One of the drivers behind embarking on the ISO certification process was our growth in the sector. We’ve been looking at larger projects including government-based jobs,” Moor said.

“We’ve seen additional benefits for our business resulting from the certification process, particularly the engagement of our staff. Having strict guidelines and documentation standards has been really great.

“I think that’s one of the benefits we’ve drawn from the process as a company: our staff know we are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all our employees.”

Further to this, Moor said the ISO certification milestone also communicates the company’s dedication to the community it serves.

“Achieving these ISO certifications demonstrates Aerofloat’s innovative and systematic approach to developing world-class solutions to wastewater problems globally,” she said.

“It confirms our position in the market as a real player, and as I said, we’re growing. Achieving these standards shows we’ve been practicing under these areas effectively. And given the certification is an independent check, it reaffirms where we’re at and that we’re doing great work.”