Atonix Digital, McEnery Automation team up to broaden reach of APM Software

Atonix Digital has partnered with St. Louis-based McEnery Automation to resell Atonix Digital’s line of asset performance management (APM) products and solutions powered by the ASSET360® analytics platform.

Atonix Digital is extending its partner network to provide transformational data analytics and APM software to asset-intensive industries. Teaming with McEnery Automation and its spectrum of clients extends reach into food and beverage industry interests, consumer product manufacturers, water and wastewater treatment operations, pharmaceutical companies, and petroleum and chemical processors. This agreement enables McEnery Automation to expand its software portfolio, strengthen existing client relationships, and increase its customer base.

Atonix Digital develops and sells a portfolio of APM products and solutions powered by the ASSET360 platform. This secure, cloud-based platform provides an analytics solution to improve processes ranging from health-monitoring of critical assets, preventing failures, and improving operational efficiency at asset-heavy facilities that range from large power generation and industrial facilities to water and wastewater treatment plants. McEnery Automation helps clients use automated systems to optimise their capital assets.

“Data analytics transforms companies by taking the guesswork out of planning and operation,” said Paul McRoberts, Atonix Digital’s president. “Partnering with McEnery Automation helps us expand into new markets and showcases the power of data to propel asset-intensive companies into the Industry 4.0 era.”

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” added Michael McEnery, McEnery Automation’s president. “Especially now, when asset data is generated on networked systems in staggering volumes. We’re eager to show our clients how these tools can help optimise their asset performance and grow their businesses.”

Pressured by limited capital, rising customer expectations, and growing commitments to sustainability and reducing resource consumption, organisations increasingly are adopting data analytics to improve all aspects of the infrastructure lifecycle. To help address these challenges, Atonix Digital’s integrated portfolio is built around five core products – Risk Assessment, Investment Planning, Program Management, Performance Analysis, and Monitoring & Diagnostics. The ASSET360 platform helps drive innovation across the entire infrastructure lifecycle through its modular, extensible architecture, and its seamless integration of functions and tasks across all products.