At SHEC 2017, Veolia showcased its EVALED® evaporation technology

When Veolia Water Technologies exhibited at the 2017 China (Shanghai) International Evaporation and Crystallisation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (SHEC 2017) held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the leading water and wastewater solutions provider with a wide array of contemporary water treatment solutions showcased its star EVALED® evaporation technology for wastewater treatment to meet the needs of manufacturers in the region.

Evaporation is a natural phenomenon and a clear separation technology, and is recognised as one of the best available techniques in industrial wastewater treatment processes. Veolia’s EVALED® evaporators provide manufacturers who face rising operation costs – such as the cost of industrial wastewater disposal – with an effective and cost-efficient system to accelerate the natural evaporation process and reduce industrial wastewater volume and disposal costs.

Veolia also used SHEC 2017 as a platform to share the success story of one of its clients, a China-based manufacturer in the mechanical industry, who was able to use the EVALED® evaporators to reduce high costs for disposal of highly polluted and corrosive wastewater from the production line by more than 20 times, and recycled more than 95 per cent of the treated water, achieved thanks to Veolia’s technical expertise and strong understanding of its client’s needs.

“Today’s manufacturers are encountering more stringent environmental regulations,” James Peng, Solutions Director, Veolia Water Technologies China, said. “With Veolia, however, our partners can be assured of keeping up with industry standards, as our solutions exceed even the most rigorous quality and environmental standards required by the region. We continuously push technological boundaries to create greater winning opportunities for our partners.”