Armstrong reveals new Integrated Tower Control System

Armstrong Fluid Technology recently announced the debut of the new ITC 9521, an Integrated Tower Control System designed to transform a HVAC installation into an intelligent system for a variety of heat rejection applications.

“Leveraging Armstrong’s advanced demand-based algorithms and industry-leading Parallel Sensorless technology, the ITC 9521 provides users with an energy-efficient solution for heat rejection processes for applications such as datacentres, condensing cooling, heat pumps, paint processing, injection moulding, and air compression stations,” Lex van der Weerd, CEO of Armstrong, said.

Designed and engineered to improve system stability, simplify tower automation and bring down energy costs, the ITC 9521 is fully complementary with other automation systems, providing they use an open front-end for configuration of the heat rejection system and setpoints for plant automation on a higher level.

The ITC 9521 ships pre-programmed, and comes with a user-friendly screen interface that enables easy field configuration. This application can transform a HVAC installation into an intelligent system that provides notifications for remote troubleshooting, on-board diagnostics and support over the internet. It also offers configuration and operating simplicity, low installation cost, and advanced capabilities for streamlining building operations.