Armstrong launches medium-range line of permanent magnet pumps

Designed to deliver 20% lower operating costs, the company claimed.

Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced a new size range of Design Envelope Permanent Magnet pumps that are engineered to deliver 20% lower operating costs, the company claimed.

The new pumps are available with motors ranging from 15-50hp, and operate at NEMA Ultra-Premium Efficiency levels that exceed the efficiency targets of both the US Department of Energy and the European Union.

David Lee, offering manager at Armstrong Fluid Technology, said: “Better performance at higher RPMs means that in some cases a smaller Design Evenope Permanent Magnet Pump can deliver the same flow and pressure as a larger, more expensive competing model. These new pumps also feature smaller dimensions and are less expensive to purchase and install because permanent magnet motors offer a substantial reduction in both size and weight.”

Beyond the motor efficiency, a number of additional design innovations are packed to make the new Design Envelop pumps more energy-efficient and cost-effective, including Armstrong’s Parallel Sensorless Control stages multiple pumps and regulates output for efficiency across the entire pump array; adjustable design points and setpoint based on the actual on-site conditions; a quadratic pressure control curve that provides more efficiency; a constant-flow function for maintaining the desired flow rate in recirculation applications; and advanced connectivity via Armstrong’s Pump Manager, a cloud-based performance tracking service that provides analytics and insights along with alerts, alarms and data storage.