Armstrong announces parts kits brochure for wide range of pumps and circulators

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the availability of a new parts kits brochure for more than two dozen pumps and circulators. The set of solutions covered includes all design envelope pumps (permanent magnet motors, intelligent vertical multi-stage and intelligent variable speed), EVERCOOL booster systems and select models of fire pumps and circulators. 

Configured replacement motors, impellers, drives and casings guarantee the form, fit and functional requirements of installed products.

Highlighting the vast array of engineered combinations of Armstrong genuine parts, the parts kits brochure details the replacement parts and related hardware required to complete specific service and maintenance tasks. The parts kits programme is designed to make it easier for service contractors, service and wholesale partners and parts providers to bring an asset back into service.

“The new brochure presents unique value-added parts kits in a digestible format to make the entire service process easier and more cost-effective,” said Ramakrishnan Ashok, global manager of parts strategy and engineering. “The customer is always assured of getting the correct items in the right size and the right quantities.”