Armstrong achieves major energy savings milestones

As part of its global sustainability initiative, Armstrong Fluid Technology announced at Greenbuild Expo 2017 that it has helped customers around the world save more than one billion kWh of electricity with an estimated value of over CAD$100 million (US$78.54 million) since 2007. These energy savings avoided nearly 350 tons of CO₂ emissions, equivalent to taking 75,000 cars off the road for a year.

As part of a company-wide commitment to sustainability, Armstrong began projecting their customers’ energy savings ten years ago, and according to the company, the technology at the core of Armstrong’s groundbreaking advances in building performance is Design Envelope, a demand-based intelligent control solution that models equipment and system behaviour, monitors actual system conditions, and dynamically adjusts equipment operation to match system demand.

Design Envelope technology enables the greenest, most flexible and most cost-effective fluid-flow and HVAC systems on the planet – resulting in both lowest installed cost and the lowest operating cost.

And in conjunction with its sustainability milestones announcement that took place at Greenbuild 2017, Armstrong Fluid Technology announced that its next level of innovation in pumping solutions, unveiled earlier in the year, is already providing increased energy savings for customers across the globe.

“Access to real-time data and trending, delivered by Design Envelope technology, supports a change from simply contributing to building performance to a role in which we are also managing and extending building performance,” Armstrong CEO, Lex van der Weerd, said.