Aquatic Informatics launches HydroCorrect

Global software company Aquatic Informatics launched HydroCorrect, a new automated data validation tool that can power proactive monitoring and management of groundwater, flooding, and water quality in the Aquarius platform.

The tool recommends how to respond to environmental events and influences long-term decisions while ensuring the data is defensible and timely

HydroCorrect assures data quality and quality control (QA/QC) processes using machine learning (ML) to automate and standardise workflows, detect data anomalies, ensure regulatory compliance, and enforce data standards organisation-wide, reducing time and resources spent on the QA/QC process.

Michael McCormick, vice-president of product at Aquatic Informatics said, “Anomaly detection and correction is [an] important and time-intensive elements of working with time series data, and it is becoming a bigger problem as data volumes grow.”

HydroCorrect enables organisations to transition to automation by providing support and giving operators full control. Trusted automation provides flexibility through user approved actions until operators are ready to automate any action. Estimations and corrections use in-situ, field-visit data to adjust the continuous time series data.

Organisations have invested time in the QA/QC process, with one customer estimating “approximately 210 hours” — or 26 business days — spent each year, on average, on data validation alone. HydroCorrect reduces mundane work and enables skilled workers to perform higher-value and more engaging tasks that can make better data-driven decisions. Using ML technology validates water data from numerous sources, and the suggestion-based approach means the user stays in control while saving hours of time on manual QA/QC processes. Existing Aquarius users can implement HydroCorrect to automate their QA/QC processes.