Aquatech China launches full-service exhibitor concierge service

Aquatech China has launched its exclusive Aquatech China concierge service. This service is designed to provide assistance to international exhibitors, encompassing all aspects of their participation in the show, from logistical preparations to enhancing their stay in China. The event will take place from 11-13 Dec 2024 in Shanghai, China.

An event for the water technology industry in China, Aquatech China recognises the challenges exhibitors face when showcasing their innovations on a stage in China. The Aquatech China concierge service is set to ensure international exhibitors can focus on what they do best: showcasing their solutions and technologies.

René Bos, exhibition manager, Aquatech China

“We recognise the complexities involved in exhibiting in China, but we also acknowledge the significant rewards it offers to the companies that join us. We are thrilled to introduce the Aquatech China concierge service,” said René Bos, exhibition manager of Aquatech China. “With this service, we aim to remove any barriers to success, allowing our international exhibitors to make the most of their participation in the show and enjoy the beauty and culture of China.”

The Aquatech China concierge service offers tailored services including exhibition preparations such as ordering electricity, stand design, and securing translators and hosts. Recognising the personal needs of its exhibitors, the service also extends to visa assistance and fulfilling tourist or shopping suggestions, before Christmas. Apart from logistical support, the Aquatech China concierge service integrates exhibitors into the local culture and business practices.  

This service is a collaboration between RAI China and RAI Amsterdam, bringing together an international team of experts dedicated to assisting exhibitors. The team leverages its global expertise and local insights to provide support, making full use of RAI’s own office in Shanghai, RAI China. This presence in Shanghai ensures that exhibitors receive prompt service, regardless of their needs or location.

Aquatech China invites international exhibitors to take advantage of this unique service, ensuring a smooth, productive, and enjoyable exhibition experience.