Aquatech and Upwell Water create joint venture to enable water treatment

Aquatech has launched its joint venture with Upwell Water, which saw the development of a new platform that enables the former to provide its customers with water treatment service.

Aquatech, through its AQUIOS platform, will provide a spectrum of outsourced solutions, from water and energy purchase agreements to the leasing and rental of mobile and decentralised treatment plants, with the ultimate objective of reducing the cost and risk of water operations while helping customers meet their sustainability targets. AQUIOS will also acquire and retrofit existing facilities to improve operating performance.

Devesh Sharma, managing director of Aquatech, said: “Our partnership with Upwell will allow us to offer Water Technology-as-a-Service, providing a compelling solution to meet critical treatment needs with an accountable partner delivering a predictable cost of water operations and peace of mind to our customers.

“Our customers get what they need – reliability of water treatment and payment over time as they would for any utility service, but with a holistic approach integrating plant design and long-term organisational service from a single provider. That makes getting better water treatment simple.”

Furthermore, Aquatech revealed it anticipates deploying capital to support over US$500 million of water infrastructure through AQUIOS to help its customers improve water and wastewater treatment over the next few years.