Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 is expected to be a record-breaker

With the latest edition of global water exhibition Aquatech Amsterdam set to open its doors in just a few weeks, a suite of new and expanded features in the industry-leading programme have put the show on track to be a record-breaker. Already, exhibitor numbers have passed the 900 mark, the highest ever for the event. Moreover, advance visitor registrations, the trade show area, and the number of entrants to the prestigious Aquatech Innovation Awards are all at record levels.

Aquatech Amsterdam, which will be held from 31 October to 3 November, already leads the way as an international platform for process, drinking and waste water technologies. This year, the show will include an even greater focus on innovation, and the expanded programme will highlight the latest developments in key segments such as desalination and smart technologies.

A constant drive by the Aquatech team to make the event even more successful has put the latest edition on track to break records on all fronts. Exhibitor numbers are already at a new high. This year there will be a greater area of trade show floor than ever before. The Aquatech Innovation Awards have attracted the greatest ever number of entries, with 78 exciting innovations put forward. On top of this, advance visitor registrations are at a record level.

“These new records underline Aquatech Amsterdam’s position as the leading platform on water technology,” Marieke Leenhouts, Exhibition Manager for Aquatech Amsterdam, commented. “We also feel the buzz and excitement when talking to people in the industry. They are looking forward to the show, and for us that is our greatest achievement.”

Aquatech Amsterdam is part of Amsterdam International Water Week and this year, the show has also seen a greater number of requests from water sector organisations to run meetings and events alongside the exhibition.

“In this day and age, when it is easier than ever to meet in cyberspace, it remains important to meet face to face as this is how real progress on the water challenges ahead can be achieved,” Leenhouts continued. “We look forward to bringing the water industry together in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam International Water Week.”