Aquarius Spectrum to provide leak detection services in Singapore

900 hydroponic sensors will be installed to monitor 400km of large water mains

Aquarius Spectrum’s acoustic hydrophone sensor installation.

Aquarius Spectrum, a provider of water leak detection and pipe condition assessment solutions, will deploys its acoustic monitoring system (AQS-SYS) on Singapore’s drinking water supply network. The company’s solution was part of the proposal submitted by its local partner, which was awarded the tender by PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, for provision of leak detection services.

Aquarius will provide 900 hydroponic sensors to be installed on Singapore’s large water mains, with diameters ranging from 500-2,200mm. These sensors, designed for underground installation, will perform leaking monitoring on approximately 400km of the water pipeline for the next five years.

The hydroponic sensors detect and record the sounds within the pipe, sending them directly to a cloud-based server for analysis using a wireless network and special algorithms. The results are translated to system alerts including a GIS map of identified leaks and their estimated size. A feature of the AQS monitoring system is an automatic correlation between every two measuring sensors, generating “reliable and accurate” results within short period of time.

Naama Zeldis, CEO of Aquarius Spectrum, said: “Aquarius allows utilities around the world to reduce their non-revenue water and their operational costs by providing accurate and continuous data on the quality of the pipe system, on points of vulnerability, and on potential and actual leak events.

“The best way to minimise water losses, optimise the water network asset and avoid unnecessary capital investments such as emergency treatments and piping replacement, is by taking a proactive approach, while implementing data-driven tools and big-data analysis.”