Aquarion Group consolidates operating companies

Aquarion Group, a leading provider of advanced water treatment solutions and technologies for industry, has announced that it has integrated all its operating companies under the H + E Group. This move has enabled Aquarion, which recently received funding of more than €15 million from the Sustainable Growth Fund, to strengthen and streamline its EPC business and accelerate its plan to become one of the world’s leading water treatment companies. 

Aquarion’s other group companies, including MFT GmbH (Membran-Filtrations-Technik), GEMWATER s.r.l. and H2Oil & Gas, will be part of H + E Group. All these companies will be rebranded as H + E. The former H2Oil & Gas will be the leading company of H + E Group’s oil and gas division.

H + E (formerly Hager+Elsässer) has been Aquarion’s core operating company since being acquired in 2014. Based in Stuttgart, Germany’s industrial heartland, H + E is an industry leader in the international market for industrial process water and wastewater treatment solutions. The company has successfully completed more than 30,000 installations in 135 countries over the past 85 years and established a strong reputation for its depth of experience, quality, superior in-house engineering, and ongoing innovation.

“For many years, H + E has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologies and processes for industrial water treatment solutions,” Thomas Will, CEO of H + E and COO of Aquarion Group, said. “This development adds a new dimension to our capabilities and creates synergies that leverage our collective strengths and experiences.”

“The consolidation of our operating companies into H + E enables us to best serve the needs of the global marketplace,” Karl Michael Millauer, CEO of Aquarion Group, added. “We will continue to grow our global footprint led internally by H + E, which is dedicated to providing total solutions on an EPC and turnkey basis to customers around the world, as well as through acquisitions of companies that further strengthen our portfolio of superior technologies and broaden our geographic reach.”