Aquam signs two standpipe hire contracts

UK standpipe solutions provider Aquam Water Services has been selected to operate standpipe hire services on behalf of two new appointments and variations (NAVs) companies. 

A NAV is a water provider which has replaced the statutory water company in a specific region. They can provide wholesale water services for an area, typically for a new or large development and have the same duties and responsibilities as the previous water company.

Aquam has signed new contracts with ESP Water and Albion Water. It will provide temporary hire of its standpipes, including smart monitoring devices, to developers and other third-party users of the network, and handle hire applications and associated billing services.

Stuart Henderson, Aquam operations director

Aquam operations director Stuart Henderson said, “The new contracts take the number of NAV partnerships we have up to five with another three in the pipeline. Typically, NAVs are dispersed across the UK, which makes the hiring of standpipes to individual end-users logistically challenging. As a long-standing supplier of licensed standpipes, Aquam is structured to provide hire services to utilities and NAVs across England and Wales, with a network of depots support our customers.”

He added that outsourcing to Aquam ensures an end-to-end process for NAVs and their customers who have hired standpipes to enable more precise network monitoring. Its smart standpipe technology can reportedly calculate in real time the precise volume of water extracted from the network and assign it to an authorised user.