AquaLAB Connect launches global conversation to help shape the digital future of water

As COVID-19 accelerates water industry innovation towards more remote and digital solutions, leaders around the world now have a virtual home to connect, share knowledge and collaborate with each other thanks to GHD Digital’s new platform, AquaLAB Connect.

GHD Digital created AquaLAB Connect to provide a dedicated, online space for conversations on the challenges, innovations and priorities that are top of mind for water utility professionals around the world.

Already, eight utilities servicing 13 million people in Australia and North America have signed up.

“Digital and pandemic disruption will collectively change the way we work and the way we live. Water industry leaders are trying to

understand what these disruptive trends mean for them and the future of water. To help water leaders globally navigate both the challenges and opportunities in current times, we have launched AquaLAB Connect,” said Kumar Parakala, President, GHD Digital.

“Most water utilities face similar challenges but, until now, have not had a central and global digital forum to discuss issues, share ideas and knowledge,” said Saskya Hunter, AquaLAB’s Director and Digital Solutions Lead at GHD Digital.

“The idea for AquaLAB Connect was sparked by our clients, who wanted an easy way to connect with their innovative peers from other utilities around the world. It provides a platform to help them easily address their organisation’s most pressing challenges and stretch their innovation dollar further.”

“On AquaLAB Connect, we curate content and insights from a range of quality industry sources and also feature the incredible work our clients are doing to further digital solutions in the water industry,” Sakya added.

“And while COVID-19 is the most pressing issue at the moment, we haven’t lost sight of the bigger picture. AquaLAB Connect gives users access to a global ‘brains trust’ on other urgent challenges facing water utilities, such as water scarcity, ageing assets, rapid urbanisation and climate change.” 

“If we can facilitate the ideas, discussion and experimentation that addresses these urgent issues, we’ll have contributed something really valuable to the millions of people our clients serve.”