Aquafin and Dockwater seal MoU to explore use of treated wastewater

Aquafin and Dockwater have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore using treated wastewater in Dockwater’s desalination plant in the Port of Antwerp.

Industrial facilities at the Port of Antwerp currently use drinking water for industrial purposes, as it is the only source of water currently available. Unlike other water projects which will continue to use freshwater for industrial purposes, Dockwater’s facility is designed to use both wastewater and salty water from the docks, reducing industrial consumption of freshwater by more than 95% at industrial sites at the Port, thereby easing pressure on drinking water supplies in the Antwerp region.

Jan Goossens, CEO for Aquafin, commented: “Our MoU with Dockwater demonstrates our commitment to advance the Blue Deal agenda and circular economy initiatives in Flanders. Treated wastewater is a valuable resource which is otherwise released into local waterways and eventually mixed with seawater.”

Aquafin’s Antwerpen Noord Wastewater Treatment Plant is located nearby Dockwater’s location at the Port of Antwerp. The ability to use wastewater will allow Dockwater and its customers to achieve full circularity in their water use and gives Dockwater a second, redundant source of water supply.

Mark McComiskey, a representative of Dockwater, said: “From inception, the Dockwater project has been conceived as a fully sustainable, green new source of water for the Flemish region, one that will help reduce industrial consumption of limited freshwater resources. While the plant will initially use salty water from the docks, our vision is to achieve full circularity and source all of our water from wastewater.

“This undertaking with Aquafin marks an important step in that direction. In parallel we are in discussions with industrial companies at the Port about also using their wastewater at our plant. Our Dockwater plant is placed to take advantage of these reuse opportunities as it is the only facility situated at the Port near the customers.”