Aqua America honours Infrastructure Week

In recognition of Infrastructure Week, Aqua America will help raise awareness about the pressing need for investment in the water infrastructure in the United States (U.S.).

From 2012 to 2016, Aqua invested US$1.5 billion in renewing infrastructure, including replacing 700 miles (1,126 kilometres) of main water pipes. In 2017, Aqua will invest a further US$450 million in order to help rebuild and replace the water infrastructure found in the communities it serves.

However, an approximate US$1 trillion is needed to maintain and expand drinking water services across the country over the coming 25 years, according to the American Water Works Association.

Just this year, the American Society for Civil Engineers Infrastructure Report Card gave the drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in the nation a “D” and “D+”, with the following report: “Drinking water is delivered via one million miles (1.6 million kilometres) of pipes across the country, but many of those pipes are approaching 100 years in age. There are an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year in the United States, wasting more than two trillion gallons (7.5 trillion litres) of treated drinking water. It is estimated that leaky, aging pipes waste 14 to 18 per cent of each day’s treated water, which could support 15 million households. Aqua’s 2017 infrastructure investment plan includes replacing 150 miles (241 kilometres) of water mains across eight states, helping to save billions of water leaking from pipes and water mains.”

“As a leading water utility, our number one priority is delivering safe, reliable drinking water to our customers. Infrastructure Week provides a great opportunity to increase awareness about the efforts Aqua makes to replace aging infrastructure, enabling us to provide quality water and reliable service,” senior vice president, engineering and environmental affairs at Aqua, Bill Ross, said. “Aqua employees understand the challenges facing the nation over the next few decades, and we work every day to do our part to help revitalise the nation’s infrastructure. Aqua is constantly repairing and replacing old, outdated facilities, water mains, water and wastewater plants, and well stations. Our intent is to continue this commitment well into the future.”


Sources: WaterWorld, Aqua America, the American Society for Civil Engineers