Apa Nova Bucharest Signs Five-Year Contract with TaKaDu

Following successful one-year trial, Romania’s largest water utility (part of the Veolia Group) commits to long-term usage of TaKaDu’s solution to continue its progress in improving network efficiency

TaKaDu, a global leader in Integrated Event Management solutions for the water industry, announced today that Apa Nova Bucharest, Romania’s largest water utility and part of the Veolia Group, is deploying TaKaDu across its water network as part of a five-year contract. The agreement follows TaKaDu’s successful one-year trial at the utility, which covered the entire network and took only six weeks to implement.

Valentin Zaharia, Director of Water Supply and Sewage Systems Coordination and Optimisation, at Apa Nova, said, “TaKaDu has become an intrinsic part of our operations. Whereas we used to monitor our system using traditional methods, we now have full 24/7 visibility across different functions and levels in the organisation. We can compare the level of efficiency in each of the six sectors making up our network and evaluate the response time it takes to identify potential damage, ensuring faster repair times. As well as smarter insights, the system ensures better managerial attention to any issues affecting our operations with real-time dashboards and other reporting mechanisms, helping us to improve our operations and service to customers.”

Based on big data analytics, TaKaDu’s IoT cloud-based solution enables water utilities to analyse and manage the full life-cycle of all their network events (incidents), such as leaks, bursts, water pressure issues, water quality, faulty assets, operational faults and more. Since installation, TaKaDu has helped Apa Nova to detect hidden leaks, conduct repair verifications and implement quality improvements. Ensuring faster response times, TaKaDu has facilitated significant water savings over the last 12 months.

Amir Peleg, TaKaDu’s Founder & CEO, said, “We’ve delighted that Apa Nova is continuing its deployment of TaKaDu. From the beginning, we’ve been working closely with Apa Nova to improve its data and understanding of its network, helping them to improve their network efficiency, reduce water loss, and facilitate a more efficient use of personnel and resources. With over 20 active users and the highest daily usage, Apa Nova is now one of our leading customers worldwide.”