ANDRITZ launches Metris addIQ control systems – intelligence for machine and process control

The intuitive user interface of Metris addIQ control systems. Photo credit: Photo: ANDRITZ

International technology group ANDRITZ has successfully launched Metris addIQ, a state-of-the-art digital control system for separation applications. Metris addIQ provides added value by enhancing availability and minimizing production costs through increased equipment efficiency and fewer operating errors.

Metris addIQ control systems, part of the ANDRITZ digital solutions offered under the Metris technology brand, enable users to analyze and optimize processes. Features like predictive analysis allow operators to optimize availability and take preventive action to avoid downtime. Capacity and quality are easy to control and enhance with customizable systems – the Metris addIQ control system is based on the latest PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) technologies and has an integrated fail-safe system.

Customizable packages for every separation challenge

ANDRITZ offers various Metris addIQ packages, thus allowing every business involved in solid/liquid separation to optimize its performance – whether it’s a huge municipal wastewater operation or a niche family brewery. All of the packages – PURE, ECO, DYNAMIC, PRIME, and FLEX – come with widescreen touch panels and an intuitive HMI. The overall usability concept of the HMI takes the different requirements of the operating staff into account and enables operators with different levels of experience to fulfill their tasks at the same time. Easy-to-read icons diminish intercultural barriers and minimize translation and training efforts. What’s more, mobile connectivity features and a smart analysis function combine to guarantee operational accuracy 24/7 from any location.

Each package has individual specifics that are directly connected to the type of machine it is used for and can be combined with optional add-ons, such as addIQ Monitoring or addIQ Optimizing. 

Extend the lifetime of existing equipment with Metris addIQ upgrades

The Metris addIQ control system is not only available for new machines, plants and processes, but can also be installed in existing facilities with minimal disruption. This makes it an ideal option for any business looking to reap the benefits of new technologies as well as for producers with outdated components that have reached their end of life and operations suffering from limitations in automation system capacity.

Precise planning and painstaking preparation facilitate a dramatic reduction in downtime and allow production to keep flowing, even while changes are being made. The upgrade can be carried out in several steps to accommodate any production schedule; it is also platform-independent, and existing technology can be incorporated or replaced as required. What’s more, everything that’s needed is provided from a single source: ANDRITZ supplies the engineering, hardware, software, and equipment, as well as safety concept evaluation and implementation through to explosion zone investigations.