An endless loop to securing tomorrow’s water

Water is vital for all life and the environment. Speaking with Water & Wastewater Asia, Vincent Caillaud, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies, shares more about closing the water recycling loop and the challenges the water and wastewater industry is faced with today.

The Barrel is an integrated plug-an-play RO technology developed by Veolia Water Technologies.

Water quality and water scarcity are two of the biggest threats facing today’s water and wastewater industry and these challenges have been intensified by climate change, Vincent Caillaud, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies, declared.

Indeed, both water quality and water scarcity are interrelated as poor water quality causes water to be unfit for different uses and purposes, thus impacting the availability of water resources. In Caillaud’s perspective, the former involves the treatment of raw water more efficiently and the latter is generally associated with better management of water resources.

“Water scarcity is an area which we are focusing on strongly right now because, at Veolia, we understand that water is such a precious resource that it should be used more than once,” Caillaud told Water & Wastewater Asia.

To close the loop in water recycling, technologies are available to make water reusable for different applications. The agriculture and semiconductor sectors, for example, are among the industries that have incorporated some form of water reuse. However, Caillaud pointed out that using reused or reclaimed water for potable use might not necessarily appear as appealing due to social acceptance despite, from a quality point of view, today’s filtration and desalination technologies having the ability to make reuse water safe for consumption.

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