Altero wins the French National Grand Prize for Engineering in the “Territories and innovation” category

The French National Grand Prize for Engineering is awarded every year to teams having conceived either an outstanding product or project in the field of industry or construction. This contest is organised by the French Ministries of Ecology, of Territories and of Finance and Economy, in partnership with the professional federation Syntec-Ingénierie and in association with Le Moniteur group.

The French National Grand Prize for Engineering in the «Territories and innovation» category was awarded to ALTEREO and its team for their HpO® Artificial Intelligence system.

With HpO®, Altereo contributes to the high performance of water supply networks through failure risk prediction to optimise network maintenance and replacement. HpO® relies on artificial intelligence with unprecedented efficiency.

Altereo states that avoided leaks must be considered as one of the first and foremost water resources, easily tapped as they already are.

The deterioration of water networks causes leakage which can reach over 50% in some countries. Beyond wasting of water resources, the impact of leaks on greenhouse gas emissions is estimated to a quarter of that of worldwide air traffic, whilst water demand in Southern countries is exploding consecutively to demographic growth and urbanisation.

To achieve this, both the number of leaks and their duration have to be cut down. HpO® brings an answer to this twin objective, by processing data from leak repairs by field agents who become, through the HpO® Collect mobile application, the most performing smart sensors.

HpO® predicts water network failure risks
Altereo’s R&D department has fine-tuned artificial intelligence algorithms able to analyse massive data to predict failure risks on all the components of water networks to optimise both leak detection and progressive replacement of infrastructure. To this day, HpO® is deployed in several cities like Chartres, Noumea and even in Namibia and will soon be in Orleans, Limoges and Tours.

Altereo has an international ambition with HpO®
Altereo is building a partner program worldwide to contribute with HpO® to the high performance of water supply for present and future generations and serve the United Nations Global Goals.