Algae management in the largest artificial lake in Lebanon

In collaboration with the Litani River authority and World Waternet, LG Sonic has started an algae control project in Lebanon. As part of the project, LG Sonic has installed 11 MPC-Buoy units that will monitor and control algal blooms in Lake Qaraoun, the largest artificial lake in Lebanon. The project marks the first time that LG Sonic will monitor water quality at different depth levels.

Algae disrupts the aquatic ecosystem of the lake, causing problems for both the fishing and agricultural industries. The goal of the project in Lake Qaraoun is to identify and control algal blooms in order to restore the lake’s ecosystem. In order to treat the lake, 11 MPC-Buoy algae control units have been installed. These systems combine real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasound technology in order to control algae with a chemical-free method.

The first results of the project are promising: After just three weeks there has been a significant improvement in water quality due to the treatment of the MPC-Buoy units. MPC-View, the water quality software, which receives water quality parameters from the MPC-Buoy units, showed a decreasing trend in algae levels.

Though the project in Lake Qaraoun was the first time MPC-Buoy units were deployed to monitor water quality at different depth levels, an even more complete overview of the water quality of the lake was provided.

“Because we are monitoring at two depth levels, we can easily spot when surface algae go down in the water column due to the ultrasonic treatment,” Kristin Prantsus, after sales manager of LG Sonic, explained. “When the algae levels lower at the water surface, the algae start rising up at a deeper level in the water. This shows the direct effect our technology has on algae.”