Alfa Laval’s valve matrix is an easy solution in terms of time and revenue

A valve matrix – also known as valve cluster – is one of the best options for maximising process efficiency through optimised flow management. Each stage of the design and installation process is an important component to fully realising potential in processes by saving time and avoiding lost revenue associated with production downtime.

Compared to traditional flow plates, a valve matrix is designed to allow the simultaneous circulation of liquids – including CIP – on several levels with the exact number of lines and rows to match the specific requirements of the process. The matrix also ensures flexibility, and enables the user to run multiple products to multiple destinations while other lines are being cleaned.

And Alfa Laval’s Unique Mixproof Valves is a valve matrix that brings outstanding product safety along with good cleaning conditions and no risk of cross-contamination. Moreover, it rules out the opportunity of human error, which may occur when lines are connected and swing bends are handled manually.

The Alfa Laval valve matrices can be supplied pre-assembled and pre-tested as well as fully wired and along with all the necessary pneumatic tubing, junction boxes, and control panels pre-connected. In other words, even complex installations can be brought online quickly, saving time, and avoiding revenue loss that is associated with on-site assembly, troubleshooting, and downtime.