Alfa Laval uses intelligent pump with new monitoring software

Global manufacturing company Alfa Laval has released a new condition monitoring software with built-in analytics. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the new Alfa Laval Analytics for online condition monitoring helps hygienic industries prevent unplanned downtime, extends assets’ lifetime to reach sustainability targets.

The solution includes a one-year subscription, including online installation, training in use of dashboard and ongoing support

“This is a big step for the hygienic industries. Alfa Laval Analytics solution detects potential machine faults before they occur and helps diagnose the root cause. We have developed an easy-to-use solution that brings peace of mind and keeps equipment at peak performance at all times,” said Torsten Pedersen, head of connectivity and monitoring at Alfa Laval Fluid Handling.

Alfa Laval Analytics is a value-adding feature that can be added to all new and existing pump installations from Alfa Laval. It collects and analyses pump vibration data round the clock. Analytics provides an intuitive overview of the equipment’s health condition through a simple dashboard. Green indicates normalcy, yellow to note, orange for warning and red for immediate action.

“No matter where they are and regardless of time, operators and plant managers can check plant status in their pocket. All it takes is a brief glance on the app dashboard to check the health status of the pumps and take action if needed to prevent costly downtime,” added Pedersen.

The analytics detects faults and pinpoints the likely causes of the problem which could be related to a misalignment of pump installation, potential process improvements or mechanical faults.

“The diagnostics capabilities make it easier for technicians to locate the problem and fix it before any damage is done. We can extend the warranty on equipment if the pumps are monitored continuously and recommendations to inspect and repair are followed,” he said.

Enabling predictive maintenance

With its ability to predict failure and identify parts that need repair or replacement, Analytics paves the way for implementing predictive maintenance strategies that eliminate extra cost and prevent unplanned downtime.

At the same time, Analytics supports the sustainability agenda by allowing plants to do more with less. By keeping assets running, Analytics enhances energy efficiency and helps reduce carbon emissions, making it a cyber secure solution. All data is transmitted via mobile network and requires no connection to the plant’s internet. It is part of the connected services programme from Alfa Laval. New services are added on an ongoing basis to leverage the potential of Industry 4.0 technologies.