Air Selangor resumes water treatment operations after odour pollution incident

Malaysia’s water operator Air Selangor has restored up to 94% of its treated water supply to seven regions after its four Selangor treatment plants resumed operations, following a temporary shutdown caused by an odour pollution incident at the Rantau Panjang water treatment plant (WTP) intake on 11 Feb 2023.

(Image: The Malaysian Reserve)

The water supply recovery rates varied across the regions, with four regions: Petaling, Gombak, Hulu Selangor and Kuala Langat hitting 100% recovery. Both Klang and Shah Alam were at 83% and Kuala Selangor at 99%, according to Air Selangor’s reports as of 13 Feb 2023.

Consumers are advised to allow their taps to run awhile for the water to turn clear before daily use, she added.

In its Facebook statement, Air Selangor said that the duration of the water supply recovery in the affected areas will vary depending on the distance and location of the consumers’ premises.

Its water treatment plants were Rantau Panjang WTP and Sungai Selangor phase one to three plants.

State executive councillor Hee Loy Sian said the odour pollution was caused by a fuel spill from heavy machinery as investigation by the Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS) found oil spill at the river bank 3km from Rantau Panjang WTP intake.

“A temporary shutdown of the LRAs intake points for around four hours was a preventive measure to avoid further pollution of the water treatment system,” he said in a statement.

The utility company further said that it had mobilised water tankers to assist affected areas, prioritising hospitals, clinics, and dialysis centres during the sudden water supply disruption.