Agilent and Nanyang Technological University Singapore to develop new approaches for water analysis

Agilent Technologies Inc. recently announced that it will collaborate with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore’s (NTU Singapore) Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute (NEWRI) to develop novel approaches to testing and monitoring the region’s water supply.

Under a memorandum of understanding (MoU), the two organisations have agreed to address persistent and emerging contaminants in water. 

“We are pleased that, with this agreement, our shared vision and combined resources will be brought to bear on such a critical challenge,” said Nino Totino, Agilent Vice President and General Manager of Laboratory Solution Sales in the region. “We look forward to collaborating with NEWRI and Professor Shane Snyder, whose groundbreaking and influential research in water analysis is globally recognised in addition to being the recipient of an Agilent Thought Leader Award.”

“NTU Singapore, one of the world’s top research-intensive universities, has a strong and established track record of working closely with industry to develop science and applications that have real world impact,” said Shane Snyder, NEWRI Executive Director and Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering. “NEWRI, one of the world’s leading environmental research institutes, together with Agilent’s vast analytical expertise and technology, will be able to expand the breadth and depth of our research mission while co-developing novel environmental analysis solutions for Singapore and the world. 

Getting access to clean water is an ongoing challenge in Southeast Asia, impacting public health and industry. To augment water supplies, water reuse schemes are being developed in the region, and effective monitoring practices are needed to ensure public safety.

While the research will be conducted in Singapore, Agilent and NEWRI expect their collaboration to have far reaching benefits, not only in Southeast Asia but around the world, in terms of water quality monitoring and availability.