ABB Control Technologies and Actemium sign global cooperation agreement

The collaboration is expected to deliver joint solutions that will enable customers to benefit from leading automation solutions that are tailored for their individual needs wherever they are in the world.

From left to right: Ilpo Ruohonen, Business Unit Managing Director ABB Control Technologies and Bernard Latour, Deputy Managing Director VINCI Energies/President Actemium Brand

The purpose of this agreement is to enable customers to access best in class control and automation solutions combining the strengths from both companies: global reach, deep domain expertise, extensive product offering, market leading engineering capabilities and most importantly, a strong portfolio of industrial digital solutions.

The collaboration agreement is focused on industries with a high growth rate, usually characterised by short product cycles and quick launch times. These industries include life sciences, food & beverage, specialty chemicals and data centres, where the two companies will work together to implement digital solutions in integrated distributed control and manufacturing execution systems.

Actemium’s offering covers the production facilities’ lifecycle and is designed to improve the industrial performance of customer’s sites. ABB is experienced in optimising production with digital control solutions and has a long track record in hybrid industries where continuous processes and discrete manufacturing coexist. Their combined offerings with tight integration between business-level resource planning and local process controls historically is proven to deliver process improvements for customers.

“Our two companies characterise a formidable partnership”, said Ilpo Ruohonen, Managing Director of ABB Control Technologies. “ABB offers a vast digital DCS system agnostic portfolio: from real-time control, with ABB Ability System 800xA, to manufacturing execution solutions, with ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management. To complement this, Actemium has a lot of system integration experts on the ground in almost every corner of the world. This gives more customers access to ABB products and services globally but with the local and bespoke flavour that Actemium can provide in the customers’ locality. It means we will be able to further develop highly personalised offerings that are tailored to individual customer needs in hybrid industries.”

“Several of our business units are long-term ABB partners and recognise that ABB has a deep understanding of customers’ needs and delivers the right solutions for their production processes”, said Wolfgang Thoma, Business Development Director at Actemium. “This motivated us to take the next step in our relationship to expand the collaboration throughout Actemium and to work on joint solutions for specific industries with a high growth rate.”