A strategic alliance for Aclara and Valor Water Analytics to serve water utilities better

Leader in smart infrastructure solutions for electric, gas, and water companies, Aclara, and Valor Water Analytics, a developer of advanced meter analytics for water utilities, recently announced they have both formed a strategic alliance to aid water utilities in lowering their non-revenue water losses through the analysis of data gather via advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems.

Valor’s methodologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence will be especially useful in uncovering hidden revenue by identifying broken meters that are not registering correctly – even though they are almost impossible to spot without the use of trend-setting analysis to make a distinction between behavioural change and mechanical decay. The analytics software solution, in a nutshell, will be able to offer both revenue assurance and water loss control.

Additionally, Valor analytics solutions have the potential to assist utilities in delivering an improved customer satisfaction by identifying customer usage patterns that may lead to issues regarding non-payment, and giving the utilities the time to develop proactive strategies to avoid water cutoffs.

Aclara, on the other hand, plans to provide Valor analytics through the same graphical user interface they currently utilise to access their AMI system information. The tight integration between the AMI solution and the analytics software will give utilities the ability to pinpoint and respond rapidly to issues.

“The alliance between Aclara and Valor will allow utilities to make analytics an integral part of their AMI strategies for boosting revenues and reducing water losses,” President and CEO of Aclara, Allan Connolly, said. “Our relationship with Valor also supports our goal to become the leading end-to-end provider of smart infrastructure solutions to utilities.”

Dr Christine Boyle, the founder and CEO of Valor Water Analytics said, “By using analytics to identify apparent water losses, utilities will get more value out of the data collected through their AMI systems, providing actionable intelligence to drive revenue, operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction, while minimising risks and increasing financial resilience.”