A recipe for success

Olgun Uğurdoğan, Southeast Asia regional manager of HAUS

In the past six decades, HAUS has been producing equipment to improve its customer processes.

The company provides decanter centrifuges, disc stack separators, continuous system olive oil plants, BioDigestors, screw presses and turbo blowers for industrial, food and environmental applications. Its Research and Development Center too, has also continuously elaborate on solutions which are innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly and energy saving. Advanced manufacturing technology and top edge fabrication tools also assure HAUS customers that they are able to achieve quality at competitive prices.

In adddition, with an extended and proactive network of service centers in place, HAUS is able to assist customers in maintaining and prolonging the value of their equipment.

With these traits, the company has been proven itself to be the right partner in supporting its customers’ growth.

Currently, the company is looking to expand its brand globally, particularly in Southeast Asia. It’s Southeast Asia headquarters opened three years ago in 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and today, is overseen by Olgun Uğurdoğan, Southeast Asia regional manager, who took the reins in September last year.

Turbo Blower

Under the leadership of Uğurdoğan

“We are trying to build a lot of business and we are trying to create new processes while expanding into new markets,” said Uğurdoğan.

The Southeast Asia market makes up a remarkable revenue for HAUS, and the company is looking to grow it further.

With the vast and diverse industries in Southeast Asia, the region is littered with opportunities for HAUS to tap on – such as tapioca starch, coconut oil, palm oil and more – to drive its growth in Southeast Asia.

“Our target is not just the water and wastewater market but other industrial markets too as our equipment are used in more than 3,000 applications, said Uğurdoğan.

And in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia alone, the presence of HAUS is strong.

“We are very strong in these places,” Uğurdoğan explained. “HAUS in Southeast Asia have local representatives for both sales and service assistance. Therefore, it’s much easier for us to reach more customers.”

And one of the aims for HAUS in 2018 is to bring the organisation even closer to its customers.

DDE 5342 Decanter Centrifuge

More than just a deal

A strong belief in Uğurdoğan is that “happy customers bring more projects.” 

“When someone wants to invest in a new machine, they ask about for our references and sometimes, they get in contact with our customers too,” said Uğurdoğan. “Our customers’ feedback really affects the potential customers’ decision.”

With that in mind, local partnerships in the different countries help HAUS to achieve its strategy in bridging HAUS and its customers.

“To sell is actually half of the deal, the after-sales is the other half. For us, it is very important to have a local partner that can support our customers’ needs in the event of issues like technical problems. Before penetrating a market, HAUS always seeks partners that can assist in aftersales service, customer service, marketing…almost for everything!”

Uğurdoğan added, “With our local agents, we are able to provide a faster, continuous, reliable and quality service at competitive prices. Solution-oriented approach and customer satisfaction are our essential values.”

Also, as part of HAUS’ Southeast Asia marketing strategy, the company attends exhibitions in the region to reach out to customers in the individual countries.

The brand has participated in VietWater in Vietnam, and PIPOC and Asia Water in Malaysia.

HAUS’ success can be easily seen as the company expands the organisation and its market share in Southeast Asia every year.