A new NuvoH2O

NuvoH2O is a water treatment company with a unique citric-powered water softening technology for preventing and removing hard water buildup. With hard water being a consistent problem, it needs consistent treatment with consistent logistics to back it. To that end, NuvoH2O invites everyone to see their new website, powered by a new enterprise resource planning software, or ERP. This has also prompted NuvoH2O to make other changes and start other projects.

The New NuvoH2O systems, including the Home, Manor, Manor Duo, and Dishwasher systems.

This last year has exposed shipping bottlenecks and inventory management vulnerabilities for many companies, and NuvoH2O found many places that the sales tracking could be improved. NuvoH2O’s switch to Acumatica will allow customers to track their orders directly on the website and will more accurately track inventory shipping to and from the NuvoH2O warehouse. 

NuvoH2O’s chief finance officer Brett Davis explains, “NuvoH2O’s Acumatica solution is an integrated collection of data from e-commerce, credit card processing, order entry, inventory management, purchasing, case management, and financial reporting. Combining all these components into a coordinated solution will allow for scalability, accuracy, and time-sensitive analysis and position Nuvo for strong growth into the future.”

Through this transition, NuvoH2O is continuing to pursue its goal of providing high-quality softened water using its eco-friendly technology. The NuvoH2O water softening system uses their proprietary softening formula CitraCharge to both prevent and reduce hard water buildup without the ecological problems presented by salt-based Ion Exchange systems. By making its technology more readily available and keeping a consistent auto-ship program for the system cartridges, NuvoH2O will more effectively keep their customer’s homes and businesses free of hard water symptoms.

Additionally, NuvoH2O has updated its system designs for more usability and durability, which will reduce the number of disruptions in water treatment. These new systems are more temperature and pressure-resistant and are less likely to have molding issues when made so as to ensure customer satisfaction.

“The new Manor Duo system requires less plumbing and piping on install,” says Laird Washburn, NuvoH2O’s CEO. “We are always looking at ways to improve the end-user experience, especially with saving time and money in the installation process.”

Finally, in line with NuvoH2O’s goals and morals, they are planning and doing more community service in the next few months. These include time working in food kitchens and yearly gift-drives and food drives for holiday events.